Exercise Referral Kit

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You know it’s important to develop referral relationships with doctors and health professionals, but it can be hard to know where to start. AUSactive has created a Referral Kit to help you navigate the Allied Health system.

AUSactive's Referral Kit has been developed through extensive consultation with fitness service providers, General Practitioners, Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and other health professionals. It’s full of practical advice to help you establish and grow a referral network with likeminded health professionals.

Use the Referral Kit resources to ensure you’re referring clients in a professional manner and meeting recognised standards for client referral communication.

Referral Kit

The Referral kit includes interactive guides, tools and templates. You can the access the Referrals guides anywhere, anytime using your mobile device.

Referral Essentials Guide identifies the fundamental knowledge and priorities for successful client referrals.

Referral Skills Guide provides deeper knowledge and capability for client referral activities, to help advance your referral skills.

Referral Tools and Templates offer “how-to’s” to maintain industry standards, and superior professional and ethical conduct.

To save or print the tools and templates, click the relevant link below, then right click and press save or print.

  1. Flowchart: The referral process
  2. Checklist: The referral process
  3. Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool
  4. Scope of Practice
  5. Exercise and health referral network
  6. Letter Templates:
    1. Referral letter from fitness to health professional
    2. Referral response letter from fitness to health professional
    3. Introduction Letter fitness to health
  7. Client confidentiality and privacy obligations
  8. Reporting template
  9. Diagram: Referral Skills map
  10. Checklist: Referral Skills
  11. Duty of care for client referral
  12. Information for medical and allied health professionals

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