If you are selected for a registration audit, we request that you follow the instructions in the audit letter attached to the email within 30 days from the date of the email.
Once you have followed the instructions, submit the completed audit notification form. AUSactive will review the evidence supplied in a timely manner, and you will be notified regarding the outcome.

AUSactive Registered Professionals are required to complete a required amount of continuing education (20 CECs during the 2-year registration term or 10 CECs if you hold a 12-month registration term) and maintain nationally recognised current First Aid and CPR certifications to be eligible for re-registration. AUSactive routinely conducts random audits to check compliance with re-registration requirements as a quality assurance process.

AUSactive recognises that registrants may need to defer the audit due to unforeseen circumstances. To defer the audit process, the registrant must submit a detailed written explanation to AUSactive. If approved, the maximum deferral period is three months.

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