If you wish to make a complaint against a Registered Training Organisation, please visit the Australian Skills Quality Authority at asqa.gov.au

If you’re a consumer or industry representative please follow these steps:

Step 1
In order for AUSactive to investigate a complaint relating to a business or individual, you must first put your complaint in writing to the manager of the business/individual and request a reply in writing from the manager within 10 working days.
Step 2
If you do not receive a reply from the business/ individual in question within 10 working days or your dispute has not been resolved, you can search if the business or individual is a member with AUSactive via our Register of Professionals here or our Business directory here. Please note that AUSactive has limited authority surrounding complaints against individuals or businesses that are not registrants/members and that if the individual/business in question is a registrant/member of AUSactive we are understandably unable to provide a guarantee of the desired outcome, though we may provide a level of mediation appropriate to the circumstances.
Step 3
Please email your complaint to AUSactive at [email protected]. Before you submit a complaint to AUSactive consider the following statements:
• Think carefully about the basis of your concern
• Write down your concern in a few sentences
• Make a list of important facts
• Make note of the outcome you are looking for
Step 4
Your enquiry will be reviewed by an AUSactive representative. You will receive a response within two (2) business days.
Step 5
If the feedback or complaint isn’t resolved through this process, we will advise you of other options to help you resolve this issue.

You can make any complaints regarding the health and fitness industry, or any issues with our team and services.

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