No, the NDIS do not fund this as it is a day to day living cost not related to disability support needs. For example, if one goal is to get fit by going to the gym, the NDIS may fund a support or assistive technology to help you do these activities, but not the gym membership itself. 

Under the Act, supports need to help you take part in activities that will help you with your social and economic life. The supports must show value for money in relation to both benefits of the support and the cost of similar supports. We must also consider what families and other informal supports would usually provide. 

To work out whether a support to help your health and wellbeing goal is reasonable and necessary, we look at the information you give us against the NDIS Funding Criteria. You would need to give us evidence, such as assessments from a registered therapist, to show you need the support for your disability needs.

You can only start delivering services as a registered NDIS provider once your application has been approved and you receive a certificate of registration issued by the NDIS Commission.

There are some helpful links on the NDIS website to assist you with your registration:

You can also contact the NDIS on 1800 035 544.

You don’t need to register with the NDIS if you’re providing services to a person managing their own funding given to them by the NDIS for personal training. You will need to check with them if they are accessing a “Self- Managed Plan” before you can work with them.

You also don’t need to register with the NDIS if a person has a NDIS plan manager helping them look after their NDIS funding for personal training. You will need to ask them if they are using a  “Registered Plan Management Provider” before you can work with them.

You will need to be registered with the NDIS if the person’s NDIS funding for PT services is being managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). If a person is using an “Agency Managed Plan” you cannot work with them unless you are registered.

You will need also need to be registered NDIS provider if you are delivering specialist behaviour support services: which means you will be working with children and adults to bring about behavioural change, helping them to develop independence, life skills, communication strategies, and effective management of their emotions.

You will also need to be registered as a NDIS provider if you work with people with very high needs, which is someone who has a lot of trouble doing daily tasks on their own.

The NDIS funds Personal Training under capacity building – health and wellbeing.  PT’s can help people with a disability improve their fitness levels, increase their confidence to participate and interact in daily tasks and build their physical capacity to be more independent.

Anyone who meets the following criteria is able to apply for funding through the NDIS:

  • Have a permanent and significant disability, and
  • Be aged between 7 and 65 years, and
  • Live in Australia and be and Australian citizen, or hold a permanent visa, or a protected special category visa.

To receive funding from the NDIS, clients will need to fill out a series of paperwork including evidence of their disability, such as a letter or report from their doctor.

The NDIS provides funding for people with disabilities to access the support and services they may need to live and enjoy their life, and achieve their goals.

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