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Professional Registration

There is nothing you need to do as your registration details. your registration number and profile will all remain the same.

No, your new registration period will still begin the day after your current registration period expires.

You can speak to our HR Hotline by calling us on 1300 211 311 and selecting option 4. Please ensure you have your registration number on you before calling

While it is not a legal requirement to be register with AUSactive, being an AUSactive registered professional shows that you’re committed to industry standards and ongoing professional development. Professional Registration will also give you:

• National recognition of your qualifications and expertise through the AUSactive Professional Register
• International job recognition for qualification transferability
• A searchable, online professional profile to enhance your credibility and build the confidence of potential clients, employers and referring health professionals
• Access to high quality industry education to support your long term career goals and capacity to meet consumer and employer demands now and into the future
• Powerful opportunities for industry networking and collaboration with national fitness and health service providers
• Health Fund Provider Status – Personal Trainers
• Monthly eNews updates and access to monthly Skill Sessions and Webinars
• Access to member rates for FILEX and discounted rates for First Aid & CPR

The Sole Trader Pack is an add-on to a Exercise Professional Membership for an AUSactive Professional who also has an ABN or runs a business and would like access to the following additional benefits:

– Access to the Grow your Fitness Business Toolbox
– Business Directory Listing & Profile
– Competitive Business Insurance
– Voting rights at AUSactive Board Elections as a Business Member
– Cleanlife Priority List & Discount
– Iron Edge – Trade Pass

To upgrade, please log in to your account at and click on ‘Upgrade Options’ located on the right of your dashboard.

These are new categories introduced in addition to the existing categories (personal trainer, gym instructor, group exercise instructor and group exercise leader) in line with the rebarnd to AUSactive. With growing interest in the Pilates for health and fitness sector from the fitness business, exercise professional and client, there is a demand for professionals who have completed relevant training and experience to be recognised for their skill sets.

We recommend having your CECs uploaded to your CEC diary before renewing your registration, however, you can renew online or over the phone knowing that such evidence may be requested at any time into your renewal period via a random audit – you will be provided up to 30 days to produce the required documentation.

Please email us at [email protected] and provide your full name and DOB and we can attempt to locate your registration number for you

All AUSactive Registered Professionals are allocated a registration level in acknowledgement of their obtained industry experience. The levels of registration accommodate all existing expertise in the field and help to coordinate service delivery and provide identifiable career progression opportunities for registered professionals. Click here more information.

If you have had a previous registration and cannot locate your registration number, please email us at [email protected] and we will attempt to locate your old registration for you.

To renew your previous registration once it expires you need to:

• Complete 20 CECs in the 2 years prior to renewal.
• Hold a current CPR + First Aid certification.
• Make the appropriate payment.

If you have not been registered previously with AUSactive, to register you will require the following:

1. Qualification/s (or appropriate Exercise Science or Human Movement degree where the units undertaken meet AUSactive’s identified subject areas)
2. Valid Australian CPR + First Aid
3. If your qualifications were completed over 2 years ago, 20 CECs completed in the past 2 years will be required. For more information on CECs see: The registration process can be completed online at:

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