Interim Registration Policy

In lieu of the shortage of personnel in the workforce, AUSactive, in consultation with the industry developed an interim policy offering to promptly return Exercise Professionals to the workforce. 

This initiative will enable qualified professionals working towards full professional registration requirements to renew their registration (or register for the first time if their qualification is less than 5 years old) with AUSactive registration.   

In addition to the 800 approved CEC programs covering various topics, AUSactive members will have access to many CEC programs (including up to 19 CECs through iLearn) at no cost to expedite the necessity to ensure ongoing professional development and long life journey as a registered exercise professional. 

If you feel you are eligible for this interim policy, please contact us on 1300 211 311 or [email protected] to discuss.   

You are eligible but never registered with AUSactive/Fitness Australia

You were previously registered with AUSactive/Fitness Australia

  • Your qualifications must be less than 5 years old
  • No CECs required for registration verification
  • You will have 3 months to show 20 CECs completed within last two years
  • Expired in past 5 years or can show evidence of working within past 5 years
  • No CECs required for registration verification
  • 3 months to show 20 CECs completed within last two years


Provisional means your profile is not listed on the register of AUSactive Register of Professionals.

You will need to complete 20 CECs to move from provisional registration to full registration. Once you have full registration, the CEC requirements for your chosen registration option are applicable to that registration period (i.e. 10 CECs for 1 year registration or 20 CECs for a two year registration).

Please note, the CECs accumulated whilst you are provisional do not count towards your current registration period. 

Upon your 3-month provisional expiry a member of AUSactive will contact you. If you fail to comply with the interim policy, your account will be suspended. It will be important that you let your employer know about your changed registration status. 

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