Manage your CECs

Online Dashboard for all Registered Professionals

The Register of AUSactive Professionals includes an online dashboard for all registered professionals, which allows continuing education and training to be uploaded, verified and displayed.

As education is completed over time, a professional’s delivery knowledge and skill profile will expand, providing an accurate, credible and useful public record of skill and expertise.

This profile provides important guidance to professionals, employers, health professionals and the public to help them understand the education requirements to work with and deliver services for specific activities, populations, and in particular settings.

Use your CEC Diary to:

  • Manage your official record of the continuing education credits you have gained during each registration period
  • Keep track of how many CECs you’ve attained
  • Upload your CEC completion certificates quickly and easily
  • Meet your registration renewal requirements and keep your registration profile up to date

Your dashboard also includes a filing cabinet of all documents you have previously uploaded that you can access any time.  No more searching in the bottom drawer of your filing cabinet!

Visit the AUSactive CEC Directory to view available programs and choose the education that will help you develop your registration profile and career opportunities.

Meet your registration renewal requirements and keep your registration profile up to date by adding your new skills and knowledge to your CEC diary today!

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