Policies & Guidelines.

Our policies and guidelines are designed to give direction and support to exercise and active health professionals and business owners. We want nationally recognised health and fitness industry standards and best practice to be met in the Australian exercise and active health industry.

These policies and guidelines also express AUSactive’s position and policy directions for the exercise and active health industry.

AUSactive Professionals have a duty of care to prevent harm, which could reasonably be expected to occur in the course of providing advice or instruction to clients. The professional standards and guidelines we’ve developed help you exercise your duty of care and mitigate risk.

If an AUSactive Professional is alleged to have breached their of duty of care, we'll examine their compliance with our standards and guidelines.

Our Policies & Guidelines

Adult Pre Exercise Screening System

AUSactive Professionals and health and fitness business owners are all too aware of the risks involved in prescribing exercise and the need for a consistent standard of professional practice in the Australian health and fitness industry.

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Supporting People with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are mental illnesses in which individuals experience severe disturbances in their eating behaviours and related thoughts and emotions. This can significantly interfere with their everyday life, and can result in potentially life-threatening conditions...

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National Fitness Industry Code of Practice

Designed for health and fitness service operators in the industry, the National Health and Fitness Industry Code of Practice offers clear guidance that meets legislative requirements for business operation, nationally.

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Nutrition Advice within Scope of Practice for REPs

AUSactive introduce Nutrition Advice guidelines for REPs. AUSactive have introduced guidelines for REPs to follow when giving nutrition advice to clients, through the release of a Nutrition Advice within Scope of Practice for REPs.

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Pre Exercise Screening System for Young People

Guide to the Australian young person pre-exercise screening system. This new Pre-Exercise Screening System for Young People minimises the risk of injuries associated with participating in exercise and physical activity.

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Unsupervised health and fitness facilities

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of health and fitness businesses delivering services in an unsupervised environment. These recommendations have been developed...

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Liability & Duty of Care for Client Referral

Historically, medico-legal concerns have presented barriers to referral relationships between fitness and medical professionals. Requests to GPs for medical clearance or ‘fit to exercise’ certificates from fitness trainers and gyms have led to concerns that the fitness...

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