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AUSactive introduce Nutrition Advice guidelines for REPs

AUSactive have introduced guidelines for REPs to follow when giving nutrition advice to clients, through the release of a Nutrition Advice within Scope of Practice for REPs.

It’s designed to help AusREPs find the balance between providing the appropriate level of nutritional advice to the client, without providing information beyond their professional Scope of Practice.

The introduction of the guidelines is an important step for the Fitness Industry in providing quality services to clients Australia-wide. As part of the guidelines, REPs are encouraged to provide basic healthy eating information and advice through the application of nationally endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines – in particular, the Australian Dietary Guidelines. 

The document gives REPs clear guidelines as to what services they can (and can’t) provide in the nutrition space, and when it’s most appropriate to refer clients on to an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. 

The guide is developed and endorsed by AUSactive, Dietitians Association of Australia and Sports Dietitians Australia.

What's in the Guideline?

Part 1: Context 

  • Qualification – Knowledge and Skill obtained 
  • “What am I qualified to say about nutrition?” 
  • Nutrition content within fitness qualifications 
  • Professional Role – REPs / APDs 
  • Description of the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013) 
  • Eat for Health – Educator Guide (2013) 

Part 2: Nutrition Scope of Practice – Definition and Application

  • Scope of Practice 
  • “What can I say or not say about nutrition to clients?” 
  • Examples of advice and activities within Scope of Practice 
  • Examples of advice and activities outside Scope of Practice 
  • “Why are these professional activities outside of scope?” 
  • “What if I do a Nutrition course on top of my PT course?” 
  • Consequences of practicing outside of scope 
  • Scenario Chart: Suitable practice to meet typical client requests for advice or services 
  • “How do I assist clients with specific nutrition-related goals?” 
  • Important FAQs from REPs

Part 3: Effective Referral / Collaborative Practice

  • “Who can I refer to for nutrition-related tasks that are outside of scope?” 
  • Responding to requests for personalised nutrition advice/meal plans 
  • Glossary 
  • References & Guidelines

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