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AUSactive launches inaugural Aqua Exercise Instructor Guidelines
Aqua Exercise Instructors play an integral role in preventative health and fitness, supporting many Australians to keep active. The new industry guidelines, a first for AUSactive, are designed to assist aqua facilities with best practice standards or implement risk management strategies for the safe and effective delivery of aqua exercise classes.
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Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists merges with AUSactive
The Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT) will merge with AUSactive following a unanimous vote by members at a Special General Meeting held on 1 December 2022.
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Motivating clients at Christmas
Motivation. Sometimes we have it and sometimes we can’t seem to find any no matter how hard we search for it. Motivating clients can make you feel like you’re jumping on a trampoline alongside them. Sometimes you jump in unison, and everything goes well and other times you’re jumping at different heights and landing unevenly and nearly knocking each other over you are so out of sync. As the year ends this out of sync motivation can really come to the fore.
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Physical activity needs to be an Election priority
While New South Wales lays claim to the most populated state or territory in Australia, alarmingly in raw numbers, this also puts the state in top spot when it comes to levels of physical inactivity – a concerning statistic AUSactive says should be top of mind in the NSW 2023 State Election next March.
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Pilates specialist appointed to the AUSactive Board - Sally Anderson joins as External Director
With expanded membership modalities now on offer, AUSactive has strengthened its Board’s industry representation with the appointment of Sally Anderson who has delivered Pilates specialist training and education for more than 30 years around the world.
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Monash Sport keeps the bar high with continued Quality Accreditation from AUSactive
Service excellence, and consistently delivering exceptional programs, has continued to pay off for Monash Sport who operate the health and fitness facilities and services across three of their largest Monash University campuses in Melbourne.
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Ensuring safety of all gym users is our top priority
With the longer days and warmer months upon us, our industry sees a steady increase in members visiting and joining gyms and other health & fitness facilities.
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AUSactive Turns One!
Today marks one year since the new AUSactive name was launched to market and I’m very proud of all the achievements we have accomplished during that time.
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AUSactive Annual Report 2021-2022
Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting.
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