AUSactive’s 2023-24 Federal Budget Submission

AUSactive has put forward, initiatives to the government that we would like to see addressed in the next Federal Budget. These will reduce the impact of physical inactivity on the government’s health budget, together with addressing a skills and labour shortage in the exercise and fitness industry.

Our recommendations will improve the mental and physical health of all Australians and will prevent chronic disease, they call on government to:

  1. Accelerate their Preventative Health Strategy and Create an Australian Centre for Disease Control
  2. Create a specific Preventative Health portfolio that connects Health and Sport and Recreation ministries
  3. Remove Allied Health Barriers
  4. Widen the scope of existing Government health programs such as NDIS and My Aged Care to include preventative health programs for their relevant clients
  5. Make available, activity incentive programs, such as the various state government voucher systems to all Australians across a broader range of physical activities, to encourage them to get active
  6. Take seriously its commitment to the World Health Organisation’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity (GAPPA)
  7. Implement an ongoing legacy of increased physical activity for the upcoming Women’s World Cup, Commonwealth Games and Olympics
  8. Reinstate discretion to Private Health Funds to allow rebates for physical activities
  9. Fund the proactive development of a preventative health driven national physical activity strategy
  10. Allow Tax deductions or remove Fringe Benefit Tax for companies, for bona fide physical activities
  11. Consider a sugar/fat tax with the proceeds being used to fund a long-term public health campaign
  12. Fund AUSactive’s Movement for Movement Campaign
  13. Take action to address the skills shortage in the exercise and physical activity sector
  14. Fund the expansion of the AUSactive Professional Accreditation program

You can find the Budget Submission here

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