Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2010-2020

The Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2010-2020 commissioned by Fitness Australia and prepared by Deloitte Access Economics provides an important insight into the exercise professionals’ workforce in Australia. It also includes a profile of current supply and demand, with projections for the future. This analysis enables better strategic planning for industry and customer requirements now and in the future. 

The report includes information about: 

  • the current size and composition of the fitness industry workforce; 
  • the demand and supply factors related to future industry services; 
  • the type of skills and knowledge which will be needed to meet future consumer and population demand; and 
  • the need to adjust business models to attract those in the population who currently do not use fitness industry services. 

What are the major findings? 

Workforce supply and retention is affected by: 

  • Available working hours; 
  • Level of professional qualifications; 
  • Job roles and expectations; 
  • Remuneration and career path opportunities; 
  • Supply of graduates; and 
  • Demand for services relative to the population. 

How can the fitness industry utilise the findings? 

To meet future industry demand, the fitness industry will need to consider: 

  • Meeting the needs of an ageing population; 
  • Customers with more complex health needs; 
  • Industry skills, professionalism and training delivery; 
  • Shoring up improved retention of fitness professionals; and 
  • Building strong links with allied and medical health professions. 

How do the findings relate to Fitness Australia’s vision for the industry? 

  • By informing industry standards development to improve service delivery; 
  • By identifying the steps that will help improve reputation and community confidence in fitness industry services; 
  • By informing effective workforce planning and capacity building; and 
  • By providing accurate and current data that will support high quality advocacy on issues concerning the environment in which our members operate. 

Download the Full Report or Information Sheet. 

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