Network communication regarding government mask recommendations

Government Mask Recommendations

Reducing illness during heightened Flu and COVID-19 season

As you know COVID-19 and cold and flu cases are increasing in the community. With the expected peak still a few weeks away there are many ways we can protect ourselves as well as our staff and clients.

Protecting people from serious illness and doing what we can to keep people active and healthy has always been a priority for AUSactive.

The Western Australian and South Australian governments have provided a range of information for businesses to reduce risk while still ensuring business continuity.

While there are no mandates currently in place for health and fitness facilities, below are some things that can be adopted by your facility to reduce the risk of infection and impact on your business:

  • Reminding staff and clients to stay home if they are unwell
  • Keeping up good hygiene habits like washing and sanitising hands regularly and keeping equipment clean. Ensuring customers have easy access to sanitiser stations
  • Wearing a mask in crowded indoor places where physical distancing is difficult
  • Encouraging staff to stay up to date with flu, COVID-19 vaccines and boosters
  • Having signage in place reminding members to use safe practices.

For our South Australian businesses who wish to recommend mask wearing within their facility the SA Health has a range of resources available to download here.

If you have any questions about best practice health and safety for your business please get in touch with AUSactive on 1300 211 311 or email [email protected].

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