Million Moves May Update

The Million Moves Campaign has been all about boosting physical activity across the Sunshine Coast community and an impressive 1,249 individuals have already joined us in the challenge to complete 75 moves a day for 21 days! We're just 21 pledges away from hitting our ambitious target of 2 million collective exercise moves over the campaign's duration.

The campaign kicked off with a bang on 1 May, featuring a lively event hosted by Hot FM radio station. Federal politicians engaged in squat competitions, while our members led community workouts, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Our dedicated members, true superstars, have also generously opened their doors to the Sunshine Coast community, offering support for their fitness journeys with the potential of attracting new members into their facilities.

As part of the campaign this week, the Thompson Institute is running webinars on the importance of exercise and mental health, which are also free for our members to attend:

Thursday, May 17th: Thompson Institute Webinar on Maintaining a Healthy Brain for Life

Mark your calendars for our closing event on May 22nd, where we'll announce the most active electorate in the Sunshine Coast region. Additionally, Sunshine Coast University will provide insights into campaign participation. And excitingly, we're planning to expand this campaign nationwide, so stay tuned for updates!

Learn more here: https://millionmoves.org.au/ 

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