Regional Roadshow focused on mental fitness

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish tours Regional Victoria

We’ve all been asked about our physical fitness at some stage in our lives, but a growing concern for our mental health during the pandemic has seen more focus put on our mental fitness than ever before, according to AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish who is completing a Regional Roadshow through Victoria next week.

According to My Elvish mental fitness is an individual’s ability to push through physical, mental and emotional circumstances while also recognising the cues to manage their mental health and capacity to cope with stress barriers.

“According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 3.4 million Australian adults saw a medical professional last year for their mental health,” Mr Elvish said.

“Mental health takes in everything from your current mood, how you feel about yourself and the world around you, diagnosable mental health conditions such as anxiety, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, depression and OCD related behaviours.

“But mental fitness is different. Mental fitness focuses on how you approach mental health and the way you keep yourself mentally healthy. Importantly, it’s something we can actively work on and improve.”

As part of AUSactive’s Regional Victoria Roadshow, Mr Elvish is speaking to gym staff and other fitness professionals about mental fitness to enable them to help not only their  clients but also their own wellbeing.

“A focus on one’s overall wellbeing is more than just keeping physically fit. We know regular activity and exercise can have significant benefits on our ability to deal with stress, our state of mind and provide mental clarity,” Mr Elvish said.

“With more awareness of how to improve our mental fitness through things like exercise, we can better support people and help them achieve their overall fitness and wellbeing goals.”

Mr Elvish will be presenting to local fitness industry businesses and professionals in Geelong, Wodonga, Shepparton and Ballarat next week. For more information on event details go to VIC Regional Road Shows.

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