YMCA in Moreland raises the bar with Accreditation

Service excellence and consistently delivering exceptional programs has paid off for YMCA Victoria managed recreational facilities at Oakpark, Brunswick, Fawkner and Coburg, which have all received professional industry accreditation from AUSactive.

AUSactive’s Quality Business Accreditation is a formal recognition process in which a business meets predefined criteria and quality standards, assessed by an independent accreditation body.

YMCA Acting General Manager – Recreation Scott Bryant said the AUSactive Accreditation also gives customers confidence that the team managing the Active Moreland contract is committed to good business practices and continuous improvement.

“Accreditation with AUSactive demonstrates that our four recreation facilities in Moreland consistently offer excellence in services and programs. As an industry leader, YMCA (also known as ‘the Y’) is committed towards our shared goals with AUSactive, to continue to attract talented staff, offer quality programs and provide Moreland City Council and our community the benefits of AUSactive accredited facilities,” Mr Bryant said.

“In the current competitive staffing environment, high quality fitness professionals and customers are drawn to an accredited facility.

“The AUSactive Accreditation provides Active Moreland members and our community the confidence that our facilities not only comply with regulatory requirements, but offer the highest levels of high levels of customer service and an eye on continually reviewing our programs and services.

“Our Active Moreland team fosters a culture of participation in all sites to support our members and community to be more active, more often. This is a fantastic achievement for our team and I know they are very proud to have received this Accreditation,” Mr Bryant added.

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish said the Y’s accreditation at Moreland was part of having an outstanding network of exercise professionals and facilities right across Australia.

“Congratulations to YMCA Victoria on achieving the Business Accreditation! We remain focused on activating the nation though empowering and representing excellence, innovation, high standards and leadership across all exercise and wellness modalities,” Mr Elvish said.

“Our Business Accreditation is just one example of how we are continuing to strive for that excellence and shows our continued commitment to improving the Australian’s health and fitness industry for everyone in the community to enjoy.”

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