AUSactive Audit Policy

Registration Requirements

AUSactive registered and accredited professionals are required to complete a prescribed amount of continuing education (20 CECs during the 2 year registration term or 10 CECs if you hold a 12-month registration term) and maintain nationally recognised current First Aid and CPR certifications in order to be eligible for re-registration. Typical sources of evidence of CEC completion include transcripts of results and/or completion certificates. Audits may require professionals to supply evidence of their professional indemnity insurance that covers the scope of all activities undertaken, whether in a professional or voluntary capacity and formal industry qualifications or applicable formal education for AUSactive registration. Registrants also agree to abide by the AUSactive Professional Code of Ethical Conduct.

At the time of registering, the Professional declares a commitment to fulfill these requirements, maintain relevant evidentiary records and acknowledges that he or she may be selected as a part of a future random audit.

Accredited REPs (AccREPs) are also required to complete all iLearn Standards-based education within twelve months of the release to maintain AccREP status.

AUSactive conducts a random audit of 10% of registrants over a two year period.

  1. A registrant selected for audit will receive notification via email and/or mail including an outline of the audit process and requirements.
  2. The registrant will be required to submit evidence of their compliance with registration requirements within a 30 day period. If evidence is not submitted within 30 days, the registrant is deemed non-compliant. 
  3. AUSactive will review the evidence presented within a 14 day period. 
  4. If the registrant is found to have complied with registration requirements, he or she will be notified via email or mail immediately.


If a registrant is found to be non-compliant with re-registration requirements, he or she will be notified immediately and the following process will apply:

  • Failure to meet the required outlined registration requirements will result in the suspension of the individual's registration, including the removal from the listing on the AUSactive Register of Professionals.
  • Non-compliance will be assessed on a case by case basis and all reported circumstances will be considered during the process.
  • Individuals who are suspended or de-registered will be required to present their current First Aid and CPR qualifications and demonstrate 20 CECs during the two (2) year term prior to their renewal of registration.

Appeals Process

Registrants who are sanctioned as a result of the audit process may appeal the decision in accordance with the following terms:

  • A written appeal clearly stating the reason for appealing the decision must be submitted to AUSactive within 28 days of receiving notice of the sanction. 
  • The appeal will be assessed in line with the Complaint, Appeals and Disciplinary Procedure


AUSactive recognises that registrants may need to defer the audit due to unforeseen circumstances. To defer the audit process, the registrant must submit a detailed written explanation to AUSactive. Those who defer the audit process will still be chosen for audit post the deferral period. The maximum deferral period is 3 months.

All correspondence required as a part of the audit process can be forwarded to:

Email: [email protected]

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