Outdoor Fitness Training Guidelines 

Training Guidelines

One of the most significant recent growth areas in the Australian Health and Fitness Industry has been the emergence of services offered in an outdoor setting.

The range of activities offered by industry service providers continues to expand rapidly and trends are shifting on a regular basis. Outdoor training services offered by AUSactive registered exercise professionals, such as one-on-one personal training and small and large group training are now incorporating a large range of activities including, but not limited to, boxing for fitness, kettlebells, bootcamp, cross training, event training, sport specific training and adventure activities.

The Outdoor Training Guidelines apply to all health and fitness services that are conducted in an outdoor environment. An outdoor setting is typically an open space that may be used for multiple purposes and remains a dynamic, flexible, and unpredictable environment. Outdoor settings may include local parks, school grounds, private land, beaches, fitness facility grounds and sports venues. 

To further clarify best practice standards and risk management for the outdoor setting, AUSactive provides the following information for guidance.

What’s in the Guideline?

  • Duty of care 
  • Professional Skill, Qualification and Continuing Education
  • Risk management 
    • Local Government Requirements
    • Pre-Exercise Screening
    • First Aid & Safety
    • Setting & Space Requirements
    • Equipment Selection
    • Weather Conditions 
  • Planning and delivery 
    • Activity Selection
    • Trainer/Participant Ratios
    • Delivery Considerations
  • Professional and Ethical Practice
    • Noise Level
    • Lighting
    • Disturbance
    • Business Signage
    • Public Image
    • Insurance
    • Sustainability
    • Respect for monuments and sacred areas


AUSactive would like to thank members of the expert reference group, Jodie Arnot, John T Smith, Andrew Boyle, and associated industry stakeholders for their contribution to the development of the Outdoor Training Guidelines.

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