Service Excellence

Service Excellence is about setting a world’s best practice standard and striving for excellence.

Our Service Excellence Initiatives spearhead our focus on elevating the profile of the exercise and active health industry, and providing a higher level of confidence for the many Australians who exercise at a fitness facility or workout one-on-one with an exercise professional.

There are four important pillars to our Service Excellence program:

Quality Assurance Employment

Quality Assurance Employment (QAE) provides businesses with the confidence and guarantee their exercise professionals and employees are following industry best practice, protocols and guidelines.

For professionals and employees, it provides increased industry credibility, ongoing support and access to continued learning.

Business Certification

The AUSactive Business certification has been built for all physical activity-based businesses that operate within the broader fitness and wellness sector.

Throughout the program, businesses will demonstrate the following objectives:

  • Service delivery is professional and appropriate to the client's needs.
  • Programs & services are delivered safely through a comprehensive risk management approach. Facilities & equipment are of a high standard.
  • The customer is at the centre of the organisation and is always treated with care and respect.
  • Data and information are used effectively.
  • Increase knowledge base in key areas for providing best practices in the fitness industry.
  • The workforce is capable of delivering and supporting the services being offered.

Business Accreditation

The AUSactive Business Accreditation program is the first continuous quality improvement program designed for fitness and health facilities within Australia. The program focuses on key elements of running a business and addresses any issues that may arise. The primary aim is to ensure consistent standards and service delivery are met, and where possible, exceed the customers' expectations.

 The accreditation program encourages businesses to:

    • Plan business processes, functions and procedures.
    • Deliver consistent standards and service.
    • Check that customer expectations are being met.

AUSactive Professional Accreditation

AUSactive’s focus is to lift the sector to a higher standard, which is why we introduced our Professional Accreditation program.

Professional Accreditation sets improved standards of service delivery, guaranteed by AUSactive. This opportunity will enable exercise professionals, and our industry, to be recognised like other allied health professionals.

AUSactive Professional Accreditation will increase the credibility of our facilities, group exercise leaders, instructors and personal trainers, resulting in a more professional and credible industry.

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