What is the Special Offer

Why pay more for something made in China, when you can pay less for Aussie Made! CleanLIFE offers fitness exclusive pricing to all AUSactive members on top of our already price competitive products. Please enjoy 7% off all products, on every order with us!

How to Redeem the Offer

Use code AUSACTIVE to get $25 credit when setting up a Hnry Account (this means AUSActive community can process about $2500 worth of invoices on us!)

About Hnry

Being self-employed and earning independently is an awesome experience. But the financial and tax admin can really be a drag!

Hnry is a service that automatically pays and lodges taxes for freelancers and contractors working in the fitness sector, so they never have to think about tax again.

Here’s what you get with Hnry:

1. Automatic tax calculations and payments. Whenever you get paid, Hnry calculates, deducts, and pays all your taxes (Income Tax, GST, Medicare, and student loans), before passing the rest of your money to your personal bank account along with a payslip.

2. All your returns are lodged by accountants. As part of the service, our accountants will review your expenses and lodge all of your returns (including BAS) whenever they’re due.

3. Unlimited access to the Hnry app, where you can easily raise expenses, send invoices, and allocate a percentage of your income to go anywhere, every time you get paid.

Terms and Conditions

See the Hnry T&C once you sign up. Our pricing model is simple with no subscription fees, No signup fee, and no hidden costs.

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