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Start your most rewarding career helping pregnant women and postpartum mothers safely and effectively exercise. Gain LIFETIME access to our PregActive Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Course PLUS 50% OFF our PregActive Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Course. Offer available for a limited time only.

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About PregActive

Pregnant and postpartum women are in seek of qualified health and fitness professionals to assist them to stay healthy and active throughout their journey. This is where YOU come in!

Our comprehensive Pregnancy and Postpartum Course will have you feeling confident in training this high demand niche target audience of mums and mums-to-be.

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to lead one-on-one or group sessions designed specifically for pregnant women and postpartum mothers, or learn to modify for individuals within your existing classes.

Here’s what you get with PregActive:

What makes this course different from others in the industry?

Our PregActive Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise Course was created specifically by industry health and fitness professionals who work with pregnant and postpartum women. Since 2015 PregActive has been the global leader in helping pregnant women enjoy a happier and healthier pregnancy.

More than Just Exercise

Our course goes well beyond exercise and provides you with the required information you must have to safely train your clients, including common pregnancy conditions, pelvic organ prolapse, respiratory and cardiovascular changes, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain and diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse and lower back. ​

Discover the PregActive Method

You will learn the PregActive Method to ensure you will be able to safely and expertly train women at every stage of pregnancy and after delivery. ​

Completing this course in Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise from PregActive gives you instant recognition as being educated by a highly trusted continuing education provider in prenatal and postpartum health and fitness.

It’s for YOU!

So whether you are a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, yoga or Pilates instructor, our course will take your knowledge, training and skills to the next level.

Included in your Lifetime Access:

  • Online course you can do at-home.
  • 11 course modules.
  • 200+ lessons.
  • 15 CECs awarded on completion
  • Guided, progressive course design.
  • 40+ training videos.
  • Over 100 prenatal topics covered.
  • Major postpartum topics covered.
  • Pregnancy workout library.
  • Postpartum workout library.

Taking less than 20 hours to complete, you will be ready to start training your new clients in no time.

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