AUSactive are excited to launch our new All ABILITIES initiative with the support from the Australian Government and managed by Sport Australia. In line with quality service delivery AUSactive are proud to prioritise with providing AUSactive Accredited Businesses the first opportunity to participate in the funded program.

The new program All ABILITIES (Australia Brings Inclusivity to Life, Through Innovation, Transformation In an Exercising Society) aims to drive organisational change to health and fitness businesses to enhance the lives of the broader community. Through education and partnerships between disability service providers and AUSactive registered fitness businesses (RFB), there will be a more significant opportunity for safe and effective group exercise participation for people with disabilities.

Program aims and objectives

  • Conduct educational training for Registered Fitness Businesses and Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs) delivered through online learning platform.
  • Recruit participants nationally to participate in a supervised 12-week exercise program.
  • Assess participant outcomes – measuring barriers experienced, physical, mental and social benefits of the program.
  • Identify capacity, challenges and enablers for businesses and professionals conducting the program.
  • Established relationships and referral pathways between Disability Service Providers and locally trained fitness businesses.
  • Develop sustainable relationships between participants and registered fitness business and exercise professionals

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Program Details

For Participants

Learn more about the program and
how you can get involved.

For Professionals

What is required for businesses and professionals to be part of this initiative.

For Disability Services

Learn about the program and how to connect participants to businesses.


The All ABILITIES program is a 12 week supervised exercise program that will run at a nominated registered AUSactive fitness businesses nationally.

The program will be run by Registered Exercise Professionals who have undertaken additional education training in inclusive practice delivery (developed by UFIT).

The program will run 1 – 2 x times per week for 60 minutes.

You will be required to complete an initial assessment prior to commencing the program.

You will be required to complete pre and post-program evaluation measures (these can be completed by a carer, support worker, family member, or the registered exercise professional).


The All ABILITIES program will assist registered fitness businesses (RFBs) and registered exercise professionals REP to be leaders in inclusive practice delivery, develop sustainable relationships and referral pathways to local disability providers.

The program will provide RFB and REP with free educational training through the UFIT program, as well as access to monthly live webinars to discuss any current successes/barriers/challenges to the program. 3 CECs are available for the UFIT Management course and 4 CECs are available for the UFIT Exercise professionals course.

REP will use their prior skills and knowledge, and new training in inclusive practice to develop and implement a 12 week program for ~10 participants.

RFP and REP will be required to complete pre and post program evaluation measures.

Grant funding may be available to assist the successful delivery of the program.

Disability Services

The establishment of a partnership with DSP and RFB is important to ensure the sustainability of the program.

Key roles DSP will play in the program:

  • Provide knowledge and expertise on your target group of participants to RFB and REP
  • Discuss the program with the participant, their family, support workers and carers including program outcomes, cost, accessibility, and personal support
  • Refer participants to RFB, aiming to increase their level of physical activity (develop ongoing referral pathway)
  • Connect RFB and participants with local allied health professionals and other DSP
  • Develop sustainable relationships ongoing with RFB and REP

Supported by the Australian Government and managed by SportAUS

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