Industry Directory.

AUSactive’s Industry Directories is the best way of discovering registered exercise and active health professionals, facilities and services that operate at a high standard. 

Use these industry directories to find services that are committed to the goal of getting Australians active.

Have confidence in your choice by choosing a registered AUSactive member as they have committed to best practice, continuous improvement and getting you active in a safe and effective way.

AUSactive’s Industry Directories

AUSactive Professionals

AUSactive’s Register of Professionals provides assurance and confidence to consumers, employers and health professionals that all registered professionals are qualified and have the knowledge, skills and competence to perform specific roles.

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AUSactive Business Members

Discover one of our 2000+ registered Exercise Facilites, Gyms, Fitness Centres, Pilates studios or Yoga Studios to suit your needs.

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CEC Courses

Discover over 700 CEC approved fitness courses, workshops and events in AUSactive CEC directory run by educational institutions and professional organisations in order to advance your career in the exercise or active health sector.

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AUSactive Industry Suppliers

The AUSactive Industry Suppliers directory support AUSactive Professionals and Businesses find services that can support their professional and business operation.

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