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iLearn is AUSactive's online standards education platform, designed to improve your understanding and effective use of industry guidelines and standards.

iLearn courses are free for AUSactive members, so you can get started today! Simply choose from the available session(s) and start earning your CECs.

Not a member? Non-members of AUSactive can access these courses at $105 per course. Contact us by phone on 1300 211 311 or email us via [email protected].

Why you should participate:

  • Understand and meet national industry standards
  • Learn best practice strategies to achieve high quality services
  • Minimise professional and business risk
  • Develop the skills to grow your community, health and government networks
  • Achieve industry recognition for your commitment to best practice
  • Accessible online industry education – any time, any location

Enhancing industry standards

iLearn is designed to enhance the exercise and active health industry’s capacity to deliver quality services, using advice from industry experts, practical case studies, tools and resources designed to empower industry professionals to meet national standards and guidelines.

We're working to improve industry access to health and fitness research and building a practical knowledge base through client case studies shared by health and fitness professionals.

The AUSactive iLearn platform is supported by Learn Upon.

Australian Health and Fitness Industry Risk Management Education Series

This three-part risk management series was created to continue the discussion on critical risk management issues in the Australian exercise and active health industry.

These iLearn sessions are essential for exercise and active health business owners, managers, and professionals delivering services (whether an employee or contractor) as all parties have a duty in risk management.

This is also a valuable source of information for education providers in the exercise and active health industry.

Exercise safe - Putting clients first

Part 1 is designed to help you use the AUSactive Exercise Referral Kit tools and templates and work through client referral steps that are recognised and shared by health and fitness service providers, and General Practitioners.

2 CECs

Professional Practice & Advice - What are the risks?

In Part 2 we examine two critical risk management issues: Professional Knowledge and Competency, and the AUSactive Scope of Practice.

2 CECs

Accident and Injury Risks in Fitness Facilities and Environments

Part 3 identifies accident and injury risks, particularly due to equipment misuse and various training environments, that are of growing concern. Through this session we review the research findings, vital requirements and considerations. 

2 CECs

Referral Essentials: Steps to success for client referrals

This webinar is designed to help you use the AUSactive Exercise Referral Kit’s tools and templates and work through client referral steps that are recognised and shared by Exercise Service Providers, General Practitioners, Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and other health professionals. 

2 CECs

Effective & Appropriate Nutrition Advice

This seminar is designed to inform exercise professionals of the opportunities that exist when providing nutrition advice. Additionally, this allows business managers and industry educators to understand the value of working collaboratively with dietitians in the exercise and active health industry.

2 CECs

Mentoring Education Webinar

The mentor program at AUSactive has been designed to support the development of relationships between experienced professionals and mentees, in order to advance particular competencies such as behaviours, skills, networks, and / or workplace


Mental Health Series

Take Charge - Mental Health eLearning Program

Australia continues to see the rise of mental health issues within our community. This education session will build a broad awareness about mental health and strengthen registered exercise professionals ability to assist those experiencing poor mental health, by normalising the conversation and providing appropriate guidance.

2 CECs

Understanding Mental Health for AUSactive Professionals

Mental health remains a key topic that has many impacts on us. This program has been created to assist you in understanding your own mental health and also the community around you so that you can help to get them more active, more often.

2 CECs

Iron Edge Workshops

AUSactive is proud to partner with Iron Edge to provide AUSactive members with 4 free modules, each worth 1 CEC.

Iron Edge is Australia’s leading health and fitness equipment supplier. They cater to a broad range of organisations such as elite sport, commercial leisure and small personal training studios.

They are at the forefront of product innovation and design, boasting a team of local engineers with a passion for exercise and training.

Iron Edge Functional Training

This course provides you with a guide for taking your training to the next level, incorporating functional training methods for you and your client to improve performance. 


Iron Edge Kettlebell Lifting

This course provides Personal Trainers with a guide to teach the fundamental (Part 1) and advanced (Part 2) skills needed to use kettlebells safely and effectively. 


Iron Edge Mechanics of Lifting

This course provides you with a guide to understanding the mechanical principles of lifting and its relationship to human movement and daily activities.


Iron Edge Olympic Lifting Fundamentals

This course is designed to provide professionals with an understanding of Olympic weightlifting. A powerful and athletic sport that is simple in nature but extremely complex in practice.


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