Digital Credentials

What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials are the modern evolution of traditional credentials including physical certificates, membership cards, and certificates of completion. They are issued as digital certificates, digital badges, or both together. Issuers use digital credentials to deliver secure, shareable, and verifiable awards for recognizing membership, rewarding achievement, and representing affiliation. 

Digital credentials are hosted on a dedicated credential page on a unique URL and include comprehensive details of the program. Recipients share their digital credentials to social media in celebration and add their credentials to their LinkedIn profile to improve their employability. Third-parties that view the credential gain a better understanding of what skills and competencies the recipient holds and the value that the credential delivered.

AUSactive Registration Certificates and Badges

AUSactive is proud to provide digital access to your AUSactive credentials offering immediate verifiable proof of your achievements. All AUSactive Registered Professionals, Businesses and CEC providers will receive online access to their credentials through the Accredible platform. The system allows you to showcase your certificate and badges signifying your certification and achievements in the industry. 

How to use your Digital Credentials  

When you become AUSactive certified, you will receive a link via email to your unique Accredible URL — a page that displays your certificate and badge/s. From here you can manage how your credentials are viewed and shared. Post to your social media accounts, add to your LinkedIn profile, or embed on your website, directly from your credential view page. 


Secured with Blockchain

Every credential issued is blockchain registered. Credentials are encoded with metadata showing who issued the certificate or badge, who it was issued to, and details about the certification, including when it will expire. Clicking the badge or certificate opens an online verification page showing whether or not the certification is real. This system makes sure that only those who are registered with AUSactive will benefit from gaining an AUSactive credential. 


If you have received an email with a link to your credentials, you can either follow the link to sign in, or you may also navigate to and click Sign-In” to enter your login information. For more help logging in, visit theAccredible Help Center.

If your name was spelled wrong or you would like other details adjusted on your credential/s, please send us an email at [email protected] to request this change.  

  1. Navigate to the Credential View of the Badge you would like to download. 
  2. Along the bottom of the credential window, click the ‘Badge' button. 
  3. For more information, please head here. 

Your digital credentials include access to a high-resolution PDF of your certificate. Learnhow to download and printfrom your credential view page.

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