VicHealth Update

AUSactive was pleased to help facilitate a community program funded by VicHealth late last year. Over fifty high school students with a disability participated across regional Victoria. Over a 10-week program, students were given unique and interesting gym and exercise programs, tailored to their needs and experience. AUSactive provided education to each manager and trainer about creating and implementing programs to suit those with a disability. We are looking forward to see what can be done in the future to assist our business members to encourage all parts of their community to participate in Active Health activities.

Explore the invaluable feedback provided by participants in the program:

“I liked the machines, running, riding, and want to do more group games” – Zali.

“I want to keep doing it, I enjoyed working out with the teachers. It was a great part of school” – Jamaul.

“I found some of it hard but would like to keep going because I'm getting better.” – Marley.

“I loved it and want to keep doing it. I'm getting fitter and stronger.” – Travis.

Uncover the positive feedback from managers and trainers who led each program, presented through key excerpts:

“The experience was fantastic, and I loved what it brought to the community. Though it was challenging working with special needs children, it was also the most rewarding aspect. We taught the kids the importance of team work, giving, silence, and a calm mind.” – Grant, Horsham Aquatic.

“The children really enjoyed our classes. It was difficult at the start to get them interested, but that changed as we saw them become more confident in themselves. If another facility wanted to do something similar, make sure to put time into planning plenty of content that can fit within the range of what students are capable of.” – Casey, Horsham Aquatic.

AUSactive would like to thank Aquamoves Lakeside Shepparton, Ballarat Aquatic & Lifestyle Centre, La Trobe Bendigo Sports Centre Gym, Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre & Horsham Aquatic Centre for their efforts the last few months in planning and delivering this program.

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