AUSactive announces business member partnership with Australasian Federation of Traditional Karate and Kobudo

AUSactive is thrilled to announce a new business member partnership with the Australasian Federation of Traditional Karate and Kobudo (“AFTK”) as it continues to expand the membership modalities available under the association.

The new business member partnership will provide benefits and opportunities to the 160 AFTK registered Member Schools who opt into the partnership with AUSactive.

In Australia there are more than 360,000 children and adults who practice martial arts or participate in karate, a number that has grown significantly in the past 10 years.

Australasian Federation of Traditional Karate and Kobudo President Reece Cummings said the partnership is focused on providing its members with greater access to business support and advisory services to help them grow their businesses, while also elevating the profile of traditional Karate and Kobudo.

“The partnership with AUSactive means AFTK members will have access to resources that create an understanding of professional standards that prioritise safety, accessibility and inclusion, and assist in developing qualified instructors. In addition to this, the partnership works towards the AFTK establishing a unified industry-recognised voice,” Mr Cummings said.

“AFTK’s vision is to elevate the profile and practice of traditional karate and kobudo, and the partnership with AUSactive aligns with the AFTK 2023-26 Strategic Plan Objectives of Professional Practice, and Collaborative Advancement.”

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish said the partnership was another fantastic step forward in recognising and supporting the many businesses and organisations across Australia that provide an opportunity for people to get physically active.

“AUSactive is focused on expanding it’s support and recognition of the many modalities on offer across the Australian health and fitness sector. Getting more Australians more active every day is one of our key priorities and this new partnership is about supporting the many traditional Karate and Kobudo businesses who teach and train thousands of Australians including children,” Mr Elvish said.

Mr Elvish said a special offer for AFTK members will enable them to join the AUSactive business membership category and access a wide range of services.

“AFTK members will receive access to training and professional development, discounts on products such as first aid training and martial arts supplies, and access to AUSactive’s broader network such as Law Path, HR and IR and advice, meaning that schools and their members can also be the recipient of best practice and safe operations,” Mr Elvish said.

Sports Karate Australia CEO Rene Roggeveen who has been an AUSactive member since the beginning of the pandemic said the partnership would provide valuable benefits to business owners within the Karate and Kobudo space.

“In our space, there is a wide variety of schools, some are professional businesses such as mine, some are amateur instructors while others are organisations. During the pandemic, navigating what we were classified as and therefore allowed to do was very difficult. AUSactive was very supportive during this time and provided a wealth of information to navigate a path forward,” Mr Roggeveen said.

“Since then, I’ve been a huge supporter of what they offer, and I think it’s fantastic to see this partnership come to life knowing other businesses in our space can access the same valuable support I’ve been grateful for.”

For more information about the new AFTK AUSactive business membership opportunity go to https://ausactive.org.au/aftk/

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