Being active – It’s not all about exercise

The modern world is busy with hectic time schedules, demands, challenges and expectations to manage. It’s easy to lose sight of our own needs on a physical, emotional, and mental level. It is also easy to forget how much of an impact we make on the lives of others.

Being active is an important part of life and it takes in so much more than just exercise. For health and exercise professionals and their clients being active creates human connection. Every time we work with a client, lead a group, instruct a newbie to the field, or contribute to a discussion we are being active. Our energy, our enthusiasm, sharing our knowledge and supporting others helps to build and support the greater community. The more we build a community the stronger the sense of belonging community members will have. With belonging comes strength, growth and understanding, tolerance and shared experiences.

Next time you are standing with a client running through the activities ahead take a moment to reflect on the greater impact you are having. A sense of accomplishment for yourself having helped support another and for practising the craft you have passion for. The difference you are making to the client who might be overcoming a physical, emotional, or mental challenge just by being there. The flow on effect that has on their own life and the people in it. If their self-esteem improves, they will communicate more effectively with others, have more fulfilling relationships, and even set some goals that seemed out of reach before. For every step they take upwards and onwards there will be other people who reap the benefits who will in turn pass on those benefits to others.

Every action of ours causes a reaction in someone else. When you stop and think about that you realise how huge that is. We are all world changers. We all have our own unique strengths, and we all contribute to the greater community. And it all starts with our own activity.

Next time you are creating a human connection with someone pause for a moment to recognise the impact you are having simply by being active in the life of someone else. Being active in your life leads to being active in the lives of others which leads to a more active community. It’s simple really but so powerful.

Kathleen is the dedicated mental health clinician/counsellor for AUSactive from the Partners In Wellbeing Program. For confidential mental health support she can be contacted FREE of charge at [email protected] or mobile 0456 380 307.

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