Motivating clients at Christmas

Motivation. Sometimes we have it and sometimes we can’t seem to find any no matter how hard we search for it. Motivating clients can make you feel like you’re jumping on a trampoline alongside them. Sometimes you jump in unison, and everything goes well and other times you’re jumping at different heights and landing unevenly and nearly knocking each other over you are so out of sync. As the year ends this out of sync motivation can really come to the fore.

The festive season often sees people socialising more than they normally would, eating out more often, maybe consuming more alcohol, travelling away from home, and generally doing things they might not normally do. Routines can fall apart and motivation to stick with their usual health and fitness activities can waiver if not fall over altogether. This can be frustrating when you have been working with clients to help them meet their goals and now, you’re watching them throw a tinsel covered spanner in the works.

It is easy to get frustrated when you are feeling motivated to get going and stick with what works and your clients aren’t on the same page, so how do you help manage those difficult feelings?

  1. Remind yourself that motivation ebbs and flows and it’s ok to be out of sync with some clients some of the time.
  2. Take stock of the changes you have seen in your clients over the recent months reminding yourself of the difference you have made to contribute to their wellbeing.
  3. Let your clients know that it’s ok to take a break from their health and fitness routine and you will be there to support them when they are ready to return.
  4. Be open to modify schedules and plans to allow for more flexibility.
  5. Be kind to yourself

It’s also ok if you are having issues with your own motivation levels. The end of the year can often bring about feelings of exhaustion, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Take a break if you need to and don’t feel bad if you aren’t exhibiting your normal levels of enthusiasm and vitality. You are only human!

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