Pre Exercise Screening for Young People

Guide to the Australian young person pre-exercise screening system

In collaboration with Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), and  Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), AUSactive is pleased to announce the launch of the newly developed Pre-Exercise Screening System for Young People (PSS-YP) which includes Screening Tools for both parents and young people, as well as a User Guide.

This new Pre-Exercise Screening System for Young People minimises the risk of injuries associated with participating in exercise and physical activity. As the younger generation becomes more active in health and fitness facilities and outdoor exercise programs, this will be a vital tool for businesses, AUSactive Professionals and consumers. It will play an important role in delivering high-quality, safe, and age-relevant exercise programs while simultaneously raising the credibility of the health and fitness industry.

The pre-exercise screening system is designed specifically for young people which creates a consistent standard of professional practice in the Australian health and fitness industry. This is a variation of the Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System, as the existing system does not adequately assess the distinct potential risks for children/young people.

It is anticipated that this system will improve the identification of risk and subsequent client education and management. The content of the tool is based upon the latest available evidence and is annexed by a user guide that provides an explanation of terms and processes for use. An associated piece of research to evaluate feasibility titled ‘Evaluating the feasibility of a Pre-Exercise Screening System for Young People’ is planned to be published this year.

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