Pregnancy & Post-Natal Exercise

Exercise Guidelines

Many women in the childbearing year wish to commence or continue with their exercise programs during and post pregnancy to maintain their health and quality of life. The traditional medical advice has been for exercising women to reduce their habitual levels of exertion in pregnancy and for non-exercising women to refrain from initiating strenuous exercise programs. This advice was primarily based on concerns that exercise could affect early and late pregnancy outcomes. However, recent investigations focusing on both aerobic and strength conditioning exercise regimens in healthy pregnant or postnatal women indicate that moderate exercise does not increase adverse pregnancy outcomes or quantity or composition of breast milk.

While an increasing demand for appropriate health and fitness services for pre- and post-natal women provides an opportunity for many AUSactive professionals, it is imperative that pregnant and post-natal women are cared for individually, as there can be considerable variation between individuals and pregnancies.

AUSactive Registered Professionals who provide services for pregnant and/or post-natal women should follow these guidelines.

What’s in the Guidelines?

  • Professional Skill and Knowledge
  • Pre-Exercise Screening and Referral
  • Exercise Programming
  • Pregnancy Guidelines
  • Recommendations for Post-natal clients
  • Group Classes (Pre & Post-natal)
  • Pregnancy and Post-natal Specific Group Classes
  • General Group Exercise Classes: Nutrition, Hydration, Post-natal Depletion and Mental Health Considerations


AUSactive would like to thank members of the expert reference group for their contribution to the development of these guidelines. 

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Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Guidelines

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