Quality Assured Employment

What is Quality Assured Employment?

Quality Assured Employment is focused on increasing industry credibility via the AUSactive professional registration system. One of the key benefits of AUSactive’s registration system is to protect and give comfort and assurance to the consumer, and in doing so, your business. The AUSactive registration system does this by making sure that the delivery of safe and effective exercise services to the Australian community is performed by registered Professionals who have the appropriate qualifications, skills and industry currency.

As a business owner, you have the ability and responsibility to give your members access to best practice services. You can do this by employing AUSactive Registered Professionals, who receive ongoing support and access to continued learning and professional development, which is vital for a credible and sustainable industry and ultimately benefits your business.

As an AUSactive Business Member, you acknowledge that you will use best endeavours to encourage your eligible staff and contractors who provide a fitness, exercises, Pilates or yoga service within your business to be qualified and hold current registration with AUSactive.

What are the benefits for your business?

You can do this by employing AUSactive Registered Professionals. A professional registration system is vital for a credible and sustainable industry and your business.

As an employer in the industry, you can choose to make AUSactive professional registration with AUSactive a condition of employment or engagement with your business, and this is how:

  • Specify in job advertisements for employees or contractors delivering exercise services that a requirement is that they are registered with AUSactive as an AUSactive Registered Professional.
  • Specify the requirement that an employee or contractor maintains their registration as an AUSactive Registered Professional.

As an AUSactive Business Member, you can access the wording for a proposed job advertisement and employment contracts from your dashboard 

By engaging and employing AUSactive Registered Professionals, AUSactive gives you the assurance they:

  1. Have completed a Certificate III, IV or Diploma of Fitness, Group Exercise Leader course and/or have a relevant Exercise/Health/Sport Science Degree and/or have completed approved Pilates or Yoga Courses – we verify their education and ensure currency of their CPR & First Aid certification.
  2. Are aware of and promote industry standards and guidelines, and adhere to the Code of Ethical Conduct; and
  3. Are committed to continuing education and professional development through the attainment of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) (like most other reputable professions) to enhance their skills and knowledge.

All AUSactive Registered Professionals are listed on the official Australian Register of Exercise Professionals.

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