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Two cheers for the Victorian Government
AUSactive applauds the Victorian Government for removing the requirement for mask wearing in gyms from midnight this Friday...
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The ExerciseSafe initiative supports AUSactive’s commitment for the fitness industry.
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A more active Australia for a healthier nation research report
Research and economic modelling into physical inactivity and COVID-19: a tale of three pandemics
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Literature Review of the Effects of Exercise on Mental Illness
Exercise can be a cost-effective and accessible way to improve the mental health of healthy individuals and also those with mental health conditions.
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Profile of the Australian Fitness Industry 2016
The number of people employed as a ‘Fitness instructor’ (covering most of the in-person teaching roles in the fitness industry, including personal trainers) has more than doubled over the past decade, and is expected to continue to grow at a slower rate over the next five years. Find out more about our workforce in this report.
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Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2010-2020
The Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2010-2020 commissioned by Fitness Australia and prepared by Deloitte Access Economics provides an important insight into the exercise professionals’ workforce in Australia.
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Planning and building regulation for fitness businesses
Planning and building compliance systems are in place across Australia in order to provide for appropriate and compatible land uses and to ensure the safety and suitability of premises.
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Limiting or Excluding Liability in the Australian Fitness Industry
The concept of risk management in the fitness industry can refer to at least two, quite different, mechanisms for minimising risk.
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Liability Arising from Contract and Under The Australian Consumer Law
Fitness services are generally supplied under contracts of service entered into between the providers of the services and the participants/clients (or their guardians). Such contracts govern the relationships of the parties, and may contain express terms dealing with safety matters. 
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