Guidance for Inclusive Business Practice

Guidance for Inclusive Business Practice

The goal of this guidance is to strengthen the culture within the health and fitness industry which embraces diversity and effectively includes anyone who wants to take part. Inclusion is reliant upon having positive attitudes, effective communications and appropriate access to fitness services.

In 2020, a collaborative partnership between Sport Inclusion Australia, Deaf Sports Australia and Blind Sports Australia formed Inclusion Awareness (IA) in Australia, to maximise resources, expertise and vast experience over many years working to improve the lives of
people with a disability through sport.

This shared vision will effectively build the capacity of the sporting, recreational and fitness sectors to be more inclusive of all people with a disability.

AUSactive is a not-for-profit industry association that exists to professionalise the health and fitness industry through engaging with our members, partnerships, advocacy, delivering education, standards and accreditation.

What's in this Guideline

  1. Benefits of Inclusion
  2. How to become more inclusive?
  3. Communication Tips
  4. Words to use
  5. Words to Avoid

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Guidance for Inclusive Business Practice

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