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AUSactive Active Health Summits are coming up!
Secure your spot and earn up to 8 CECs. Following the success of the inaugural Senior Management Summit in 2022, this year’s Active Health Summit programs have been expanded to provide professional development and knowledge to all professionals in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry
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5 things to consider when choosing the best gym deal
Achieving fitness goals is hard enough without cost of living pressures coming into play. So with gym deals aplenty, how do you pick one to suit you?
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Movement and Mental Health
It comes as no surprise, but most people who work in this industry are highly motivated, love a challenge and almost always have a target or goal they are striving for. It can be a real challenge when you are trying to work with a client who doesn’t possess the same level of enthusiasm for creating and sustaining change.
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June Advocacy Update 2023
This June advocacy update highlights AUSactive Professionals' vital role in preventive health outcomes. Our registered members empower communities with subsidised physical activity programs under Medicare, effectively combating chronic diseases. Recent studies affirm the preventative benefits of physical activity. The 2023 Federal Budget aligns with the National Preventive Health Strategy, encouraging health prevention and sports proposals. AUSactive advocates for program recognition and funding and supports public health campaigns promoting physical activity.
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Don’t miss your chance to enter the AUSactive National Awards 2023
From today, there are just two weeks left to get entries in for this year’s award. This is plenty of time to get your submission together before it’s too late!
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This edition's focus is on the future of the industry and the new emerging technology and innovation we are likely to embrace + much more!
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Are you ready for tax time?
Make the most of your AUSactive membership benefits
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Boxing On Under Financial Pressure
Financial pressure can cause stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, hopelessness and raise concerns around what to do next. If you are currently experiencing financial duress here are some practical tips to help you manage your wellbeing during this time.
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May Advocacy Update 2023
This May advocacy update includes some exciting news and initiatives from AUSactive. Our CEO was elected as Chair of World Active, we launched the Healthy Life Report 2023, presented recommendations to government to save Medicare, and continued our efforts to advocate for AUSactive professionals who conduct programs in outdoor open spaces. We also held a virtual Local Government Forum to discuss health and wellbeing initiatives and services to encourage and support councils to deliver physical activity programs in their community.
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