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Boxing On Under Financial Pressure
Financial pressure can cause stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, hopelessness and raise concerns around what to do next. If you are currently experiencing financial duress here are some practical tips to help you manage your wellbeing during this time.
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Is a toxic relationship with food affecting your wellbeing?
Food and eating can be meaningful in different ways for different people. The link between good nutrition and mental health has often focussed on nutritional requirements for the body. But what about how food feeds the soul and contributes to our wellbeing in ways other than nutritional needs?
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Routine is boring for some but is it the key to helping you manage chaos?
The word ‘routine’ gets a bad rap. It brings about images of boring, repetitive actions that often include activities that just have to be done. Sometimes this is true, however, we can also take a lateral approach to how we view those routine activities and even see the value in creating routine.
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Recognising Strengths
Inside and out, our strengths are there to be discovered
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Motivating clients at Christmas
Motivation. Sometimes we have it and sometimes we can’t seem to find any no matter how hard we search for it. Motivating clients can make you feel like you’re jumping on a trampoline alongside them. Sometimes you jump in unison, and everything goes well and other times you’re jumping at different heights and landing unevenly and nearly knocking each other over you are so out of sync. As the year ends this out of sync motivation can really come to the fore.
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Being active - It's not all about exercise
The modern world is busy with hectic time schedules, demands, challenges and expectations to manage. It’s easy to lose sight of our own needs on a physical, emotional, and mental level. It is also easy to forget how much of an impact we make on the lives of others.
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The Addict Brain
The brain is the most powerful tool we have. It can drive us to succeed, limit us to certain behaviours, hold our fears, file our memories and it tells our physical body what to do to stay alive...
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