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World Active becomes a reality!
More than 40 national federation from 5 continents elected the Council! Barrie Elvish as the Chair will lead the platform to the final phase – the launch of the World Active Federation!
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AUSactive National Awards 2023 Now Open!
Warm up those fingers, get your keyboards ready, it’s time to start your entry submission for the AUSactive National Awards Program 2023 with entries now open!
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April Advocacy Update 2023
This latest advocacy update includes updates on the Small Business and Franchising Consultative Committee, VicHealth Jumpstart Grant, and Meetings with Politicians.
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Is a toxic relationship with food affecting your wellbeing?
Food and eating can be meaningful in different ways for different people. The link between good nutrition and mental health has often focussed on nutritional requirements for the body. But what about how food feeds the soul and contributes to our wellbeing in ways other than nutritional needs?
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The fourth edition of AUSactive’s e-magazine, REACTIVATED, is now LIVE This is our Diversity & Inclusivity issue featuring interesting articles and interviews with industry experts + plus much more!
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Routine is boring for some but is it the key to helping you manage chaos?
The word ‘routine’ gets a bad rap. It brings about images of boring, repetitive actions that often include activities that just have to be done. Sometimes this is true, however, we can also take a lateral approach to how we view those routine activities and even see the value in creating routine.
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March advocacy update 2023
It’s been another big month for advocacy across the country.
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AUSactive’s 2023-24 Federal Budget Submission
AUSactive’s budget proposal provides ongoing solutions to our health crisis, will improve the physical and mental health of Australians and save the Government money by preventing chronic disease in the first place and mitigating conditions for those who are experiencing health problems.
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Trans-Tasman portability now easier for members
It’s now even easier for registered exercise professionals and exercise industry association members from Australia and New Zealand to transfer their remaining registration between countries thanks to a new agreement between AUSactive and NZ REPS.
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