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Welcome to AUSactive – Where Membership Means Real Benefits!
At AUSactive, we believe that being a member should bring real advantages. We’ve made it our mission to provide a membership experience that delivers practical benefits to students, exercise professionals, and businesses alike.

AUSactive’s Advantages: Always Accessible
Imagine having a clear, easy-to-use platform where you can find and access all these benefits. That’s exactly what we offer with our Advantages platform. No more confusion or hunting for perks – everything you need is in one place.

Unlocking Value with AUSactive’s 70 + Advantages
We understand that the sheer number of benefits we offer can be overwhelming. To make things simpler, we’ve introduced the concept of “Advantages.” These are the real perks that come with your AUSactive membership, and we’ve organised them into four categories:

Student Advantages: Get access to valuable resources, industry insights, and opportunities for professional growth. We’re here to support your journey.

Business Member Advantages: If you run a business, you’ll enjoy practical tools and services to help you thrive. This includes access to Lawpath, with over 300 legal and HR templates to simplify your operations.

Exercise Professional Advantages: As an exercise professional, you’ll find Advantages tailored to boost your career, from networking opportunities to advanced training resources.

Sole Trader Advantages: Sole traders enjoy the advantage of complete control over their business operations and finances, along with access to resources designed to support their unique needs.

Join AUSactive today and experience the real benefits of membership. We keep it simple and practical, so you can focus on what matters most – your success.

01. Federal Government Advocacy

02. State Government Advocacy

03. Local Government Advocacy

04. Global Advocacy

05. Industry Endorsed Code of Ethics

06. Industry Endorsed Standards

07. Pre/Post Natal Guidelines

08. Working with Children Guidelines

09. Pilates Industry Standards

10. Aqua Industry Standards

11. Yoga Industry Standards

12. Industry Endorsed Pre-Exercise Screening Systems

13. Audit Policy

14. Complaint Appeals Procedure

15. Boxing, Kickboxing & Martial Arts Safety Guidelines

17. Guidance for Inclusive Business Practice

19. Nutrition Advice within Scope of Practice for REPs

20. Outdoor Fitness Guidelines

21. Virtual Personal Training Services Guidelines

22. Free iLearn with AUSactive courses

23. Free Iron Edge Education

24. Free Psychosocial Hazards Course

25. Mental Health eLearning Course

26. Inclusivity and Diversity Courses

29. Free Monthly Webinars

32. Free Jobs Board

33. Free Job Seeker Profile

38. Know And Grow Your Community

46. Insurance Discounts

49. Event Discount (Filex)

50. Beyond Activ Event Discount

51. Member Officer & Discount Platform

53. Discount to IHRSA Annual Conference

54. Free National Awards Program

55. Event Discount (Active Health Summit / Trainers Summit)

56. Event Discount (Senior Management Summit)

57. Free Networking Events

58. REACTIVATED Digital Magazine

59. Monthly Newsletters

60. Monthly CEC Bulletin

61. Access to Research & Reports

62. Board Voting Rights

63. Access to Industry Standards Council

65. Industry Leadership via Board Representation

66. Digital Credentials

67. Lead Generation

68. Multi-qualification Registration

69. Health Provider Status

70. Member Exclusive Toolkits

71. 300 FREE Legal Documents and Templates

73. 20 min Free HR Consultation and Support

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