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CEC Program Applications

Complete and submit the Fitness Pilates Instructor criteria to support your course content and assessment to [email protected] and advise us in the email of your intentions. For existng courses, a review fee will apply.

You must first register as a CEC provider before making a regular CEC application for your program. In the application, please include the complete Fitness Pilates Instructor criteria filled out in full to support your course content and assessment. Please email us at [email protected] to receieve a copy of the criteria.

Refer to Become a CEC Provider for more information.

Yes, courses that are matwork, reformer or a combination of both can be reviewed for approval in the Fitness Pilates Instructor registration category.

Yes, the criteria has been developed in consulatation with international standards, national bodies, locally based organisations, educators and professionals and is the minimum standard required for any Pilates programs to be approved for Fitness Pilates Instructor registation.

Shorter Pilates courses designed for professional development purposes can be approved for CECs for Pilates Professionals (depending upon the equipment used). AUSactive Professionals not registered in these categories may be eligible for affiliated education CECs after completing these types of courses approved by AUSactive (caps apply). Please see the CEC guidelines for more information.

To change the CEC program presenter or assessor, please provide the following:
• A completed Change of Details form
• Copies of the new Presenter / Assessor CV and certified copies of qualifications. Note: Refer to the Fitness Australia CEC Approval Guide for details of Presenter and Assessor qualification requirements
• A Statutory Declaration form stating that no changes have been made to the original approved program content
• Payment of the $30 administration fee

AUSactive provides continuous quality improvement (CQi) support to all education providers that enter the CE scheme. In the event that a program is not approved or if an education provider can improve upon their Quality Criteria score (and potentially the number of CECs allocated), the Technical Review Form will offer specific guidance about what further information is required or how the program/event content or delivery strategy can be improved to benefit AUSactive registered professionals and their clients.

Throughout the approval administration process, AUsactive will facilitate communication between the Assessor and the education provider until such time as the program has been approved or the education provider has decided not to continue with the application.

The AUSactive CEC Approval Guide will give you all the information you need to know to have your program or event approved for CECs, including Program approval fees.

Refer to Become a CEC Provider for more information.

To apply for CEC approval with AUSactive you’ll need to complete the following steps.
1. Complete the CEC Approval Self-Assessment Checklist
2. Complete the CEC Approval application form
3. Compile ALL program materials that are relevant to your program or event. Such materials can include presenter notes, PowerPoint presentations, DVDs, participants manual, handouts and online materials. Program approval requires that all content is reviewed.

As material will be submitted electronically, please ensure that each document is clearly titled and that this reflects relevant items listed in the CEC Approval Self-Assessment Checklist.
Submit your Application Form and Self-Assessment checklist, together with all program materials electronically via the following methods:
• a cloud system such as DropBox, emailed to [email protected] *this is the preferred method
• a USB or CD via post to CEC Support, Level 3, 180 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205
Note: Any programs that are submitted in hard copy will not be reviewed and will be returned to the provider.

Watch this webcast to view the process.

Refer to Question 18 of the APSS Stage 2: “Do you have any diagnosed muscle, bone or joint problems that you have been told could be made worse by participating in physical activity/exercise?”

This question relates to a current problem that could be made worse by activity, rather than a past injury that a client has fully recovered from. Almost everyone has experienced some level of soreness following unaccustomed exercise or activity. This is a common physiological response and not what this question is designed to identify. Soreness due to unaccustomed activity is not the same as pain in the joint, muscle or bone. Pain is more extreme and may represent an injury or serious inflammatory episode or even infection. Many chronic conditions cause pain and / or limitations in daily tasks. If the person has a condition such as arthritis or back problems then this is important to know for exercise prescription.

If the ‘yes’ response is related to an acute problem then it is possible further medical guidance may be required. This is an example of where professional judgment is required and follow-up questions may be warranted.

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