You can obtain a maxium of 5 CECs for First Aid and CPR certifications completed within the last 2 years. A First Aid/CPR certificate will give you 4 CECS, and a CPR certificate alone is worth 1 CEC.

Due to the extensions granted to members registrations during the COVID-19 lockdowns, your CEC count may be showing as 0. Please disregard this number and you can view your CEC entries for the current registration period by clicking on ‘Add CEC Diary Entry’, after logging into your account, and adjusting the time period (top left of CEC diary) to the current registration period or to ‘All time’

Program assessors must hold a Certificate IV Training & Assessment (equivalent qualification & experience will be considered on a case by case basis) as well as relevant qualifications to the area they are assessing. Additionally, assessors are required to have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience relevant to the knowledge/skill area they are presenting.

Detailed, specific and accurate CVs must be submitted for all presenters. Certified copies of presenter qualifications must be included.

Note: the assessor does not have to be the same person as the presenter. If an online assessment is being provided it must be developed by an assessor that is qualified as stipulated above.

Please see the following steps to add a CEC diary entry, once logged into your dashboard– From within your dashboard, find the add CEC diary entry button and press (blue button in the lower right-hand side).

Once the CEC diary opens, please see registration period on the left hand side of the screen and change the period to “All time” using the drop down arrow.

Click the Add CEC Diary entry button (this is found to the right hand side)

This will open the window to add a CEC diary entry box, from here you:
1. Search a keyword from the course completion certificate and select the matching course from the drop down menu (a keyword can be taken from name printed on the certificate of completion)
2. Type an appropriate completion date in the completion date box (please type in the completion date in the format of DD/MM/YYYY).
3. Upload the required certificates of completion in the certificate box (press the choose file button to browse your computer to upload the appropriate certificate)
4. Tick the declaration box and press Save details

No, to renew your previous registration once it expires you need to:

• Complete 20 CECs in the 2 years prior to renewal.
• Hold a current CPR + First Aid certification.
• Make the appropriate payment.

We recommend having your CECs uploaded to your CEC diary before renewing your registration, however, you can renew online or over the phone knowing that such evidence may be requested at any time into your renewal period via a random audit – you will be provided up to 30 days to produce the required documentation.

Yes. There is no exception granted under the Sole Trading Business category. CECs remain a requirement in order to comply with AUSactives registration requirements (20 CECs are required within the two year period for re- registration).

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) no longer apply to professional practice beyond March 31st 2016.

As part of our enhancement of the Professional Registration System, feedback from across the industry indicated a need for greater depth of assessed knowledge and learning among registered professionals to ensure quality and credibility. As a result, continuing education credits now apply only to participation in education. This might include approved courses listed at the CEC directory or a range of other eligible education methods.

Currency of practice is still an important principle of exercise professional registration. As a AUSactive registered professional, you will be required to keep your Professional Practice Status up-to-date, so that it is clear which of your registration categories you are practicing in at any given time.

You’ll never need to re-sit your qualification to renew your registration. If your registration has lapsed, then you need to ensure you have obtained 20 CECs within the most recent 2 year period and that your First Aid and CPR is up-to-date.
To renew your registration:
1. Log in to your account
2. Ensure your CEC diary is up to date with evidence 20 CECs completed within the most recent 2 year period. Note: You may be selected as part of a future random exercise professional audit and will be required to provide evidence of current CECs at the time of you renewed your registration.
3. Check that your First Aid, CPR and insurance certificates are all current
4. Click on “renew” and submit your registration renewal payment
We will send you a confirmation email and a new registration certificate once your payment has been processed.
For support, contact our friendly team on 1300 211 311 or email [email protected]

AUSactive Registered Professionals are required to obtain a minimum of twenty (20) CECs over a two year term to renew professional registration or, If you are on a 1 year registration, a minimum of ten (10) CEC’s over the 1 year term is required to renew professional registration

You can find Approved CEC programs and events here.

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